5 Ways to Have a More Environmentally Friendly Home


Have you been thinking of making your home a bit more environmentally friendly?

More people are starting to acknowledge the toll our daily comforts have taken on our beautiful planet, but acknowledging and doing something about it are two vastly different things. If you’re someone that’s thought about lowering your carbon footprint, but you don’t know how or what to change, then you’re in luck.

Today, we’re going to give you 5 tips for having a more environmentally friendly home. This is one of the best ways to take action on climate change and it might even save you some money along the way.


1. Re-Insulate, New Windows, Better Doors

A big problem with most houses, especially older ones, is that they let cold air in and hot air out through windows, doors, and even walls. By replacing your insulation with high-quality stuff, and getting new windows and doors, you’ll help control the temperature of your home, thus lowering your HVAC usage.

When you build a new house, you can take these things into account, or even build a passive house.

2. Pay Attention to Water and Electricity Usage

Most people on this side of the world give little thought to the amount of water and electricity they have on in the house. Some people leave the lights on 18 hours per day and take 30-minute showers. None of this is conducive to living sustainably.

Take a look at your power and water bills next month, then make a conscious effort to lower the usage numbers that you see. Minor life adjustments can make a huge difference in the number of resources you use.

3. Get a Solar Panel

You’re starting to see solar installers pop up and more and more around the country, which is a positive thing. Some states offer tax exemptions for solar users, but that’s just one of the benefits of solar panels.

Regardless of the cost, getting a solar panel is proven to pay for itself in just a few years and then save you thousands in the long run. If you can’t afford a large rooftop panel, you can even get a portable one to cut into your energy usage.

4. Reclaimed Goods

It’s always tempting to go to big box stores like Ikea, Target, or Walmart to get your furniture and other household goods, but these companies are anything but sustainable. Shop for second-hand furniture items and go to eco-friendly shops to buy things made from recycled and reclaimed materials.

5. Sustainable Landscaping

Something as simple as using native trees in your yard will help to lower your water usage. It makes all-too-much sense when you think about it, but people still put wildly incompatible plant species in their gardens. If you live in Wisconsin, you should plant a willow or maple tree in your yard, not a palm tree.

Enjoy Your Environmentally Friendly Home

We promise, when you make some of these little changes, they’ll add up. You’ll have a much more environmentally friendly home and you won’t have even noticed a difference in your lifestyle. If everyone does what you’re trying to do, the planet might be okay in the end.

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