Five basic plumbing tools you need in your home


Many times there are leaks or minor problems in the pipes and drains of our home without us being able to avoid it, they usually happen at the most unexpected moments and we do not always have at hand the telephone number of a plumber 922 28 23 55 to solve it, for this reason, it is necessary that we can solve these faults quickly and easily in emergency situations.

Five basic plumbing tools you need in your home

However, if we want to perform a good job of plumbing at home, there are some fundamental tools that we must acquire and keep at home, in order to be prepared for any unforeseen, so we give you a list of the five basic items that cannot miss in your repair kit:

Basic plumbing tools

  1. Adjustable spanner:

It is a versatile tool, basic in any plumbing job, it allows adjusting loose nuts, besides being adjustable it can be adapted to a great diversity of sizes, whether they are 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, or any other.

  1. Torque wrench:

A torque wrench, in appearance, is the same as a normal ratchet wrench with interchangeable points, but in this, we can configure the appropriate torque on each screw. That is to say, with a heavy duty torque wrench, we will never switch over when tightening a screw since at the moment when the pre-set torque is reached, the wrench “jumps” and does not exert any more pressure on the screw.

If with the metallic components there was not much problem to squeeze more, with the carbon if we spent squeezing we could break it. And if you crack your new carbon frame by tightening too much a screw the repair may become impossible.

  1. Rigid key or adjustable crane:

Its use is quite common in plumbing, have a thick head that has a series of teeth inside and allow a firm and secure grip, also its size facilitates the application of pressure, are perfect for adjusting tubes and nuts but you must have been careful when using them because being so rigid can leave scratches on the pieces of delicate faucets.

  1. Cut pipes or hand clasps:

The function of both tools is the same, to cut tubes of different sizes to fit our needs, the professional tubes cut provide greater precision for which they are more recommended, its cost is also higher than that of a traditional handclasp, but if what you are looking for is to solve the small habitual problems of the home, closing it is an acceptable option. Both have the ability to cut tubes of different materials whether PVC or metal.

  1. Teflon tape:

Teflon tape is one of the most versatile and used items in the plumbing, is an element that cannot be missing in your tools, you can get it in different sizes and works perfectly to cover small water leaks in the pipes, or to ensure connections between pipes and nuts, it is impermeable so it acts as a barrier against water and can also extend the life of the pipes.

These are five basic tools that you will need to perform homemade plumbing, however there are many others that are perfect to complement your kit and that will provide greater ease when it comes to the plumbing work, the siphon tongs or the tow are also part fundamental of the work, so we recommend adding more articles every so often to your toolbox and you will be prepared for any inconvenience.

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