Guide 101: Finding the right HOA management company in Scottsdale 


As a board member, ensuring that the HOA is managed efficiently should be your top priority. If the board members have no time, experience, or expertise to do the job, it is wise to hire a professional service for the job. A considerable number of HOAs in Scottsdale rely on these companies to get the work done, especially because it allows the board members to focus on more important things.

Here’s how to choose between Scottsdale hoa management companies

  1. Start with the needs. Before anything else, it is important to consider the needs of your association. Schedule a meeting with the board members to discuss the essentials and list down the HOA needs in simple terms. 
  2. Check the basics. HOA management companies are expected to have the required licenses, permissions, and accreditation. Check whether the shortlisted firms have those things. This will help you sort the options. 
  3. Request a proposal. If the company can align their expertise with the needs of your community, that’s always an advantage. Ask the firm to share a proposal to understand how they are going to serve the HOA. The little details often make a big difference. 
  4. Be careful with pricing. Yes, the pricing is understandably one of the critical factors for choosing an HOA management firm. Still, it doesn’t mean that you sacrifice experience, expertise, and the quality of services for that. Do a review of what they can offer, and don’t make a biased decision based on that alone. 
  5. Discuss their maintenance work. How do they plan to handle the maintenance work and community projects? Ask the company if they have the resources and contacts to get things done. From contractors and vendors to legal experts and accounting professionals, an HOA management company should be able to offer professional services when required. 
  6. Ask about the experience of their HOA managers. An HOA manager works as the bridge between your HOA and the management company. They are expected to be competent and professional and must have credible experience managing the affairs of communities. 
  7. Go for a year-long contract. Don’t expect an association management company to do everything in a couple of months, and at the same time, don’t go for a five-year contract either. Choose yearly contracts that are easier to manage. 

Final word

With the right HOA management company, the board will have less to worry about. Just take your time to find one. 

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