Should You Use Air Scrubbers for Mold Treatment?


Where Can Mold Be Found?

The short and frightening answer: everywhere. It’s not all bad, though. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “There is always some mold everywhere- in the air and on many surfaces.” Clearly, not all mold is as toxic as the dreaded “black mold” which can infiltrate a house and make the occupants sick, but who knew that other varieties of mold are “everywhere”. It wouldn’t be that terrifying, except with mold comes a variety of other problems. It multiplies quickly. It likes to hide. It can be difficult to get rid of. Some of the most common places for mold to be found in the home or office are in bathrooms. We’ve all glanced down at our shower curtain and seen that dreaded grayish color at the bottom of the liner letting you know it’s either time to deep clean or throw that sucker out and get a new one. It can be even more alarming to discover mold in closets, under the kitchen sink, in the attic or under the house, and (possibly the worst) inside the walls. But you don’t expect it to be in the air that you’re breathing, on the surfaces where you are eating, or the areas where you spend time relaxing. I’m sorry, my friend, it’s sneaky and all around us.

Take a Deep Breath…There is a Solution

Well, you may not want to take too deep a breath until you know you’re breathing clean air. Air sanitizers and purifiers have become more relevant in the past year with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they don’t always do the full job when it comes to all of the particles in our air. Air scrubbers are able to remove mold from the air without distributing more mold spores throughout your space. Air scrubbers can be rented regularly much like a easy to rent carpet cleaner. Mold treatment can be extremely costly when it gets out of hand, and unfortunately solutions are not always covered by insurance, even though the implications of untreated mold can be very harmful to your health and home. An air scrubber may be the most effective and affordable mold treatment solution for homes, businesses or other spaces that are frequently occupied and require clean air to breathe.

And Stay Out!

Mold can be the cause of frustrating expenses, but more importantly, it can be the cause of detrimental health concerns. With the COVID-19 pandemic, came a lot of awareness about upper respiratory health and the affect it can have on the body’s other systems and organs. Certain types of mold are known for causing some of those same side effects we’ve seen with the novel corona virus. Air scrubbers have been proven to eliminate this threat of mold and its accompanying side-effects. With a convenient way to rent this equipment, it’s easier than ever to maintain a mold-free environment. We can continue to be vigilant in this ever-changing world, learning the best ways to safeguard ourselves from threats to our health, but first, we have to know what we are up against.

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