Three Things to Carry With You for a Stress-Free Move


Everyone has a different amount of stress when moving, but it’s important to know what to bring. If you have the right essential during your move, you can have a stressful move of your life while enjoying the transition to your new home! Here are three things you should always bring with you when moving.

1. Keep Your Valuables with You

It’s essential to have your valuables with you at all times during the move for peace of mind and a stress-free move. Consider keeping your most precious items in a concealed package. Such valuable items may include expensive jewellery, cash, luxurious awards, and watches.Also, it’s crucial to ensure your valuables are in protective packages to prevent them from damage like scratches, deformation or even breaking.

Bubble cushioning and robust containers can help keep your items safe during transit. Also, finding suitable sizes of packaging containers is crucial to keeping your valuables safe. You can consult a reliable and experienced moving company like Chipman Relocation to help secure your valuables with the most appropriate packaging and safely to your destination.

2. Pack a Box of Comfort Items and Snacks

While moving, it’s crucial to take care of yourself and ensure you enjoy a considerable level of comfort. Knowing what can keep you comfortable while in transit without compromising your safety and security is crucial. However, essential comfort items include blankets, pillows, weather-friendly clothes, basic toiletries, food, snacks and drinks. These items can help make moving day less stressful for everyone involved.

These items will also make it easier and reduce stress for family members or friends helping out during the move by allowing them to relax on those long drives. For example, packing a box full of snacks like popcorn can make the transit to your new house much more enjoyable than being hungry for hours. Also, packing an emergency kit can come in handy if something wrong happens while moving into your new home!

3. Sources of Entertainment

Music, games, and other entertainment sources are great tools for reducing stress levels while in transit or waiting around during your move! If someone is bored while in transit, they could open up a video game console, listen to their favourite music, and enjoy quality time together while sightseeing during the move.

Loading mobile devices with music and games can help each individual enjoy their style of entertainment. Other accompaniments such as portable chargers, earphones, headphones, and power banks will help your family enjoy their good times while on transit stress-free. A car radio or audio system will also come in handy for family entertainment, whether country road music, comedy, or other entertainment.


It’s crucial to note that bringing some essential items with you while in transit during your move can make your moving day easier on yourself and take the stress out of the picture. Carrying a box of essential and comfort items, loaded and working entertainment devices, and keeping your valuables close to you can help you have an enjoyable and stress-free move. However, if you need special packaging for your valuables, you can contact your mover for viable solutions to keep your items safe and intact. Taking care of yourself and family members is crucial to an enable enjoyable and stress-free move.

Packing a bag of items for your first night in your new home is only one way you can de-stress your moving experience! Check out the infographic below for more tips to have a stress-free move!

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Infographic provided by Master Movers, a Venice, FL moving services company

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