Tree Protection Orders and Tree Surveys- Ultimate Tree Protection Tools


Some countries have a historical law that ensures the protection of trees and forests as well as woodlands. The laws are given out to all local planning authorities who use them to make the TPO-Tree Preservation Orders. The tree protection is just as like the protection applied in protecting and listing buildings. The protection is aimed at protecting and preserving the valued trees. Every tree consultant understands the protection legislature applied on trees. It involves protecting trees from destruction looking at the importance of trees and their significant contribution to the environment. In case you forgot we live because trees exist and trees exist. Every time you see a tree you see your life. Every time you choose to destroy a tree without consulting you have just destroyed your life and that of your living pets, relatives and friends. It could not be directly but destroying trees have a big impact on the environment.

Ultimate Tree Protection Tools

Do you why the world is experiencing too much drastic weather change and global warming? It is because the trees available are not able to take the much Carbon gases released in the atmosphere. If the few trees that exist are not protected, then we will have temperatures rising in future following escalated global warming. Thanks to the many professionals who are coming up to save the trees by offering special services on a tree survey conducted by private tree consultant applying for the national tree protection order. All three species such as bushes, shrubs, hedges are to be protected as per the TPO. You could contact a tree surveyor if you have some trees that you want to be protected. You can protect your private artificial forest and the trees in your ranch if you really feel they are vital to the environment

It doesn’t matter the age of your trees you want to be protected since TPOs protect trees of any age throughout their lifespan in the woodland or even in a developed area. While the tree protection order remains valid through the lifespan of the tree, the tree owners are supposed to take care of the trees and maintain them from anything that may damage them. For instance, you don’t get TPO and then leave your trees exposed to wild animals. No! The rules are set to ensure that while the law protects your trees, you have the responsibility of maintaining them. At a tender age, the owner is supposed to provide water and other required necessities for the growth of the tree.

Tree survey provides expert advice and guidelines on every aspect of the TPO inclusive of making and administration of Orders.  Tree consultant also provides the assessment of the legality, viability, enforceability and the suitability of the order. A tree survey represents the owner of the tree opposing the imposition of new TPO and maybe appeal in contradiction to the LPA decision and then consider compensation matters of your behalf.

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