Understanding the Best of Electric Installation


This topic refers to and enlarges the information contained in the article about a single switch, in which we presented in the form of a photo and video, how to connect it (from A to Z) and mount it.

Connecting a double light switch (candlestick) to the lamp, from a single version differs only a few slight nuances. Apparently, they are so important that from time to time we get the question of how to match the double light switch. With the search term residential electricians near me you can find the solution.

We decided to collect a few of these issues together and describe “what is it with”.

And now scheme

Let’s start with the fact that we have a lamp that has two light bulbs and we want each of these bulbs to be switched on with a separate button.

Understanding the Best of Electric Installation

Let’s take a look at the diagram next to:

  • We only connect the phase conductors to the switch , more precisely:
  • Power supply phase cable
  • A phase wire that powers the first bulb
  • A phase wire that powers the second bulb

Neutral and protective wires are connected together inside the box with the help of electrical connectors, except the switch.

  • For the proper functioning of the system, we need a 4-core cable running from the box to the lamp.
  • If the electrical installation is two-core (no protective conductor, TN-C system, three wires will suffice. In this case, however, connect the neutral conductor to the protective terminal in the lamp, and this bridge is bridged with a short wire with a neutral terminal.
  • It works so that by pressing the key on the left, the electrical potential from the power cord connected to the terminal No. 1 is passed to the terminal No. 2 and from there to the upper bulb.
  • By pressing the right key, the potential from terminal 1 is passed to terminal no. 3 and from there to the lower bulb.
  • By switching any key we close the electric circuit, because from one side we supply potential, and from the other side of the bulb a neutral wire is permanently connected.

It’s time for reliable animation:

Remember to carry out any electrical installation work with the electrical voltage OFF. Before starting work, make sure that the voltage is turned off, for example, using a voltage tester about which I am writing here.

Remove the fuses / overcurrent breakers if you have any suspicion that the wires you want to work on are energized. Failure to follow this instruction may result in an electric shock. These are the matters that you need to keep in mind and that is the reason that you will be able to have the best professionals for the work now.

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