What Is The Chimney Sweeping Process?


You can have your chimney swept anytime that you notice any issues. There are several signs that the chimney needs to be swept:

1) Smoke is coming into your living room.

2) There is a smell of smoke in your living room.

3) Debris such as leaves or animals has fallen into the chimney and they are blocking the chimney flue.

4) Soot is falling down the chimney and into the fireplace or onto the carpet.

All of these problems are going to be dealt with easily by a seasoned professional. They are going to use a wide array of tool to make sure that the chimney is as clean as the day when it was first installed. 

What Is The Chimney Sweeping Process?

There are several stages to the chimney sweeping process. The chimney sweep is going to make sure that you understand all of the phases before any sweeping. You should use a chimney sweep that has a very good track record.

First Inspection Phase 

1) The inspection phase is what comes first. A professional chimney sweep in Hampshire is going to make sure that they carry out a full inspection of the fireplace, chimney flue and chimney.

2) They are going to identify the problem after the first inspection has been carried out. This is one of the most important parts of the entire process. 

Cleaning Phase

1) The cleaning phase comes next. There might be a large amount of soot inside the flue of the chimney, which is preventing the smoke from rising out of the chimney.

2) They can also unblock any debris that has fallen inside the chimney. They will use special tools to make sure that the chimney is not going to get damaged at all. They can remove debris from any part of the chimney flue.

3) This clean chimney is going to prevent soot and odours from entering your living room. This is the most important part of the entire process.

4) You do not need to be able to clean any part of the chimney by yourself. The professional is going to explain how they are going to clean the chimney.

Final Inspection Phase 

1) Once the cleaning process has been completed, it is time for the final inspection phase.

2) The chimney sweep is going to make sure that nothing else needs to be done to the fireplace, chimney flue or the chimney itself.

After The Repairs Have Been Carried Out

After the chimney sweep has done their work, you will be able to use the fireplace and the chimney without any issues. You will not have to deal with any soot, debris or smoke at all.

Overall Article Summary 

You will have your chimney consummately cleaned when you hire a professional. They are going to clean the chimney completely so that soot and debris disappears. They are going to be able to conduct repairs to the chimney flue as well.

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