6 Interior Designers’ Secrets On How To Revamp Your Home


Are you tired of the boring interior decoration of your home? If you think you are ready for a change but do not have the big budget to do so, then you have come to the right place. Revamping your home doesn’t always mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on it. Sometimes, all you need is a little help from affordable interior design services and some tips to make this easier for you and your budget.

Break All The Rules!

Have you heard about the decorating rules? That ‘You cannot use this and just use that’ kind of conversation with someone when talking about interior decorating? Well according to experts, the first rule about decorating is that you can break all of those other rules. Talk to a decorator and he or she will tell you that rules are meant to be broken. What’s important is that your decor will reflect your living style as well as your personality.

6 Interior Designers’

Less Is More

When decorating your home, always remember that less is more. Do not over accessorize every corner of your room. Why not keep it simple? Too much decor and accessories can make it look like a junk of clutter.

Always Consider Your Ceilings

Compared to other parts of your home, the ceiling is by far the most neglected space. If you are decorating, do not only think of the walls, the furniture, and your floor. Also, think of what’s above you. Remember that ceilings reflect the natural light that is coming in from your windows.

Do Not Be Afraid To Add Some Color

If you are going for a minimalist design, do not be afraid to add color. For example, if your theme is white, black, and gray, add a little bit of red. You can appreciate the difference in color as long as it is in small doses. Just make it an attention grabber to make the room more interesting.

Love the Natual Greens

If you feel like the room is lifeless, why not add some plants and flowers as your decoration? Real plants can help improve your indoor air quality, naturally. Just make sure that you choose plants that are suitable for indoor decoration and do not require a lot of sunlight. Still, ensure that you take them out once in a while and they should have enough water to make them look healthy and blooming.

Enjoy Decorating Your Home

The goal here is to make your house more welcoming and homey. So do not be afraid to try something unique. Choose decorations that are not permanent so that you can change it anytime you want. Try rearranging the furniture or giving your walls a splash of fresh paint. Do not be afraid to experiment. You might like the new changes that you are making!

Remember that in decorating your home, you are the boss. This should be fun and exciting, not stressful and demanding. So do what you think is right. Trial and error is the key. If you are not sure, talk to an interior design expert. They have the skills and knowledge of how to make things easier for you. Also, do your own research. This is the time that you can use the internet to your advantage!

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