The Best BTO Flats – How to Find Them!


It is a true fact that the majority of the middle class in our country wants to have their own home. Although investing your money with good 4 room hdb resale renovation ideas is very rewarding, the main problem comes when it comes to registering ownership of an apartment. So if the home buyer is unsure of the charges on the property he is buying, he is likely to run into a big problem. Get informed first and then proceed to buy apartments.

Here we tell you how.

1. First check the credentials:

Often, developers face obstacles in obtaining legal licensing approvals for their new apartments. Unfortunately, if the project is postponed or canceled due to lack of permission, it will only be a loss to the buyer.

2. Dependence on banks for financing:

If you are looking to buy apartments, the smartest decision would be to opt for a bank loan. According to senior officials of authorized banks, the bank is open to accepting newly built or under construction apartments for a loan, upon presentation of the documents required for the property.

3. An audit is not enough:

From buying new apartments to real estate, a cross audit or an audit is never enough. You should be careful to browse through the history of pre-builders before deciding on your selection.

4. Take a look at the developer’s wallpaper:

In the case of every property purchase, it is necessary to check the background of the builder. He talks about the developer’s ability, including time accuracy and quality, and he can compare his projects with his competitors.

5. Affiliation and expansion of the project:

Are you sure you are not buying any repossessed property? Check the correctness, title or approval of the sponsors carefully to avoid additional problems.

6. Scan Specifications:

To buy apartments, you need to check the regulatory and finishing specifications after launching the project. Some other vital tasks require supervision of construction progress, frequent site visits, ensuring expected specifications, etc.

7. The cost of ownership:

Billing settlement payment (BSP) or base sales price, cost deduction for developments (exterior and interior), location fees, parking costs, club membership, apartment maintenance, each factor has a role in calculating the total price. Therefore, before buying apartments, compare prices, facilities or values ​​with other projects in the preferred location.

8. Highlight the seller-buyer agreement:

Review the terms, conditions, legal provisions and effects mentioned in the Buyer and Seller Agreement. Check vital points of interest, refund clauses, fines, etc. mentioned in the buyer-seller agreement.

9. Evaluate the design and quality of the space:

The design and layout of the apartments should be carefully examined, highlighting the availability of sunlight, cross ventilation and drainage system. Never neglect your property’s usable space when calculating the full dimension.

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