Carpet Cleaning: The Three Most Effective Ways You Should Try


People love carpets because of their warmth and softness. They need less maintenance and upkeep compared to hard-surface floors. steam & carpet cleaning Melbourne removes dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens. It helps you and your family breathe easier. The risk of many health problems including colds also reduces. Carpets are prone to spills, splashes, and many messy accidents. People have various ways of getting rid of these and keeping their carpets clean. Here are the top three you should try.


Before anything else, prepare the room you plan to vacuum. Pick up possible obstructions for the passage of the vacuum cleaner. Examples of these are papers, toys, coins, and other small objects. Dust the blinds, furniture, windowsills, and baseboards first. You can vacuum up the dust later on. For hard to reach areas, you can use a nozzle attachment. Keep in mind to remove the dust collected on the edges of the carpets and the baseboards. You can use the cranny extension to reach under the furniture you cannot move. Vacuum the entire room forward and back, and then repeat vacuuming going from left to right. Carpet fibers are usually twisted. Going both directions will ensure you have cleaned every part of the fiber. It is best to vacuum at least once a week per person in your household.

Spot cleaning

Use a clean white cloth for this method. Those with patterns or dyes may transfer the color to your carpet. You will end up adding more problems. Paper towels without patterns will also suffice. Blot fresh stains dry first. Use another clean white cloth or paper towel when removing the remaining stain. Bristles and brushes may damage the carpet fibers, leaving you with an ugly frayed carpet. This method is best for recent spills on a small part of the carpet. It is not meant to be part of regular carpet maintenance. Choose the right carpet cleaner when spot cleaning depending on the stain. For example, cold water or hydrogen peroxide is the best choice for fresh bloodstains. Enzyme-based cleaners are for pet urine stains. Test the cleaner on a small discreet part of the carpet first. Try another one if any dye comes off the carpet or if the cleaner leaves a stain.


Remove all furniture in the room if possible. You can place plastic under the legs of the furniture you cannot move. It will protect them from water damage. Vacuum the carpet forward and back first. Then, go left to right. Do not forget the corners and crannies. Make sure to spot-treat major stains first. Shampooing can remove grime but will set stains deeper. Carpet shampoos are available in most grocery and hardware stores. Begin at the farthest area from the door and work your way out to avoid being stuck in the corner.

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