How do I choose the best Ottoman beds?


A good Ottoman beds is like a cozy and cozy energy station. A safe haven where we can relax mentally and physically from the hectic life during the day. Anyone can use such a bed to optimally charge the batteries at night. But what makes the best ottoman beds and what should you pay attention to when buying it? In this blog article we go over all the characteristics that your ideal ottoman beds must meet.

best Ottoman beds

What are the best ottoman beds for me?

This questionnaire can help you choose the best ottoman beds if you are considering a purchase:

What do I find important about my new ottoman beds?

  1. Do I already have a nice bed/supporting slatted frame/box spring and am I only looking for the ideal mattress on it?
  2. Do I like to be very cozy or do I prefer something a little firmer? (soft/medium/hard comfort)
  3. What sleeping position do I mostly sleep in? (lying on the side/back/prone/…) Also take your weight per running meter (BMI) into account.
  4. What width do I prefer? Am I willing to adjust my ottoman beds linen to a larger size bed?
  5. Do I sleep alone or with a partner? Do I sleep in the middle of the ottoman beds or do I stay on one side of the bed? (separate mattresses/double mattress/composite mattress)
  6. What is the height of the largest partner? Ideally, you have 20 cm to spare compared to the ottoman beds size, especially for back sleepers.
  7. Do I have certain complaints for which a new ottoman beds can provide relief? (not slept in / back, hip, shoulder or muscle pain ) Get good advice.
  8. Do I read in ottoman beds? Or am I watching TV? Need extra comfort? (fixed/adjustable)
  9. What should my ideal ottoman beds look like? Modern or rather classic? What about the entry height? (functional/upholstered/wood/design)
  10. Do I already have an ottoman beds (frame)? Do I just want to replace the sleep system? Discuss installation?
  11. Do I get hot quickly? Choose a well-ventilated mattress.
  12. Do I suffer from house dust mite allergy?Choose a dust mite-resistant mattress cover.
  13. Which ottoman beds accessories offer added value for me? (pillow/duvet/bed linen)
  14. Do I have a specific budget in mind? How much am I willing to invest in a good night’s sleep?
  15. Are there any guarantees if I don’t sleep well? What then?

Difference between a good ottoman beds and a sleeping system?

A sleeping system is a combination of an ottoman beds base and a matching mattress. The concept is that both are attuned to each other so that ergonomic added value is created. Sometimes the pillow is also included in the sleeping system because the neck often requires specific support, especially with neck complaints.

A sleeping system usually has a neutral appearance and can be used as a free-standing bed. But it can also be built into an ottoman beds frame to give it a less technical appearance. A good ottoman beds is first and foremost a good sleeping system that offers you ergonomic support and comfort. If you want to go beyond the plain, functional sleeping system, you are on your way to the best ottoman beds for your size.

Features of the best ottoman beds

The best bed provides support where needed

When you buy a new bed, you are making a decision that will hopefully make your future nights enjoyable. The support of the body is one of the most important factors in this. With good support, you sleep more soundly and your body can fully recover from the day’s work.

In addition to the short-term effect, such as a better mood, a more vital feeling and more energy to spend, you also benefit a lot from the best ottoman beds in the long term. If you sleep well for years, you reduce the risk of back problems and all kinds of ailments. Keep in mind other tips for a good night’s sleep. Make sure that the ergonomic story of the bed matches your sleeping position.

The best ottoman beds also offer comfort

This is how you determine the comfort of the best bed for you:

Your preference:what do you like lying down? Try to choose the best you can. An exchange guarantee if the mattress turns out to be too soft or hard, is not an unnecessary luxury. It is not easy to make the right choice in 15 minutes. After 2 to 3 weeks of sleep, you will know for sure whether the mattress meets your needs. You will sleep on this ottoman beds for the next 10 years. So it must be good.

Weight per running meter or BMI:if you have a heavier build, you may prefer a medium or firm mattress. A soft mattress is comfortable at first sight, but it can be more prone to bedsores. If a mattress is pressed too hard,it will become hard and uncomfortable. This can lead to waking up too often and tossing and turning. A medium mattress can safely have a soft top layer so that it still feels very comfortable, but offers enough support for a slimmer person. A firm mattress is often not necessary or even desirable for correct support, but still perfect for lovers of hard sleep. In any case, opt for an ergonomic mattress.

The eye wants something too

You probably know the feeling of being on vacation. You enter the room and you see a very nice bed. That makes sense to go to sleep, doesn’t it? A good ottoman beds that completely suits your taste is doubly nice. For one it may look sleek, sober and functional. For the other generous and even a little pompous.

At Dodson, both are possible. You can opt for the functional sleeping system, but you can also place a personalized ottoman beds frame around it. Do you already have a nice ottoman beds frame? Then the sleeping system can also be built in.

It is difficult to discuss flavors and colors, but here are a few tips for creating your dream bedroom:

Make sure your ottoman beds are in proportion to your bedroom.

Assess colors in daylight, possibly with the sample in the bedroom.

The ottoman beds contrasts best with the wall. E.g. a light ottoman beds against a dark wall and vice versa. Same with the floor.

Ask yourself which elements in the bedroom still need to be replaced. Are you going to repaint?

To sleep peacefully, it is best to keep it sober. E.g. a closed cabinet instead of an open rack.

More than just a bed

The best ottoman beds can be finished with accessories to make it even cozier. The pillow is by far the most important bed accessory. A good support of the neck will ensure that you do not wake up with neck pain and also sleep more soundly. Choose an ergonomic or a classic pillow.

Fine accessories such as well-fitting fitted sheets, a duvet that provides optimal insulation and moisture regulation and silky soft duvet covers give you extra comfort. This will make your sleeping experience even better.

How does a good bed affect your health?

A bed that fits you perfectly is a health boon if you use it enough. Sleeping well provides a lot of energy and helps to make your plans come true, to walk through life in a good mood and to avoid or tackle physical discomforts more quickly.

For example, you will eat healthier if you have enjoyed sufficient deep sleep. You make better choices with a fresh mind. You cannot survive with a good bed alone. It also takes some discipline.

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