Custom Site Fencing Services That Are Safe and Secure


Perimeter fencing is useful and necessary across a wide range of both private and public areas. Primarily, good fencing should be secure, but it should also be affordable and able to be quickly erected and taken down. The good news is that site fencing services are available that stock a wide range of fencing types that are purpose built for very specific purposes.

Custom Site Fencing Services That Are Safe and Secure

Why Hire Perimeter Fencing?

The fact is that fencing is not something that most of us naturally consider, but it has a wide range of both private and public uses, including but not limited to the following:

  • Work sites: Especially useful at building and construction sites, secure Heras fencing is essential for forming a barrier to the public to preserve their safety, and as a method of deterring would-be trespassers and those with ill intent. Small sections of fencing can even be hired for use by contractors on small jobs for councils and other public works. If one is looking for Heras fencing to buy in Yorkshire, there are specialist companies that either hire it out or sell it.
  • Events: Concerts and other events that are open to the public often use multiple rows of fencing across the site. This fencing tends to serve two major functions: as a method of securing private or off-limit areas, and as a way to direct large numbers of people into certain areas. Though fencing is extremely useful in large are a ssuch as parks, it can also be used in private spaces for additional crowd control, guidance, and security. One-off events, such as lectures or speeches in halls and other establishments can also benefit from additional fencing.

Not Just for Security

Although we typically associate perimeter fencing with additional security, it also offers great benefits from a risk management standpoint. For example, imagine a large outdoor event where thousands of people are gathered. Many of them will be wandering around the site, and their movements will be largely controlled and funnelled by hired fencing. In these cases, the fencing can also be used to prevent access to physical hazards that may cause injury, such as electrical equipment, and even lakes, potholes, ditches, or other geological features.

In fact, many pedestrian-friendly barriers also feature anti-trip feet so that they do not pose additional safety threats to the public. This is especially useful where public liability insurance claims could result in cost blowouts for event organisers and councils.

The fact is that fencing of many different types and styles is used on a regular basis to protect the public, prevent access to private or dangerous areas, secure work sites, enhance security, and perform passive crowd control. On large properties where manned guarding is also employed, where you find guards bearing 9mm ammo assisted guns, such fencing helps in the cordoning-off of the perimeter. Whether you are a contractor, a project manager, or an event organiser, fencing can be hired from companies experienced in this area.

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