How to Rightly Sand Spindles on Wooden Furniture?


Sand spindles is one of the most versatile processes and it comes with the different hacks and circumstances. In this post, we will learn the process of sanding the spindles and how to sand spindles in the versatile wooden parts.

What is Spindle Sander?

A spindle sander is an important designed to help users to achieve the smooth and flat feel and finish to any wood piece, mainly one having detailed and curved edges. Those days are gone where you have to rub away your handmade chair with the worn sandpaper.

A spindle sander is neatly covered with the gritty sandpaper that allows it to smooth and flatten out the saw marks, curved edges & hole cuts. An oscillating spindle sander will move the drum up & down when the rotations take place. It helps to prevent the static friction that can cause burns & band marks on your wood. Hence, it improves the sanding sleeve life by spreading its wear over the wider area.

How to use sand spindles?

The hand-sanding spindles will appear to be the labour-intensive work but sanding machines are not suited to an intricate design or curve of spindles. You can consider cutting down the sheets of a few sandpapers in the long strips & pull these over the curved area of every spindle.

In a few cases, it will be easier and cheaper to replace spindles instead sanding & removing various layers of the paint & primer, particularly when you are short of time and do it on your own.

Tips to Use Sander

  • Whenever you start the refurbishing project and want to remove the old finish, you will have to use the largest hand sander with its grittiest paper.
  • After you remove its finish, you can move down to the lighter sandpaper with the finer grit. This can give you the smooth surface that will add your personality through color choice and stain.
  • Never bear down with your machine. Though you might fell that it will make your work go a bit faster, but it will slow down your motor & the paper. It may also result in your motor to get overheated. The overheated motor can break down sander with time.

Spindle sanders are available in different sizes, which include floor machines, bench top and portable models. The floor models are a bit bigger and expensive and appropriate for the big commercial projects. The bench-top and the hand-held sanders take up very less room and used for simple DIY projects at home.

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