9 Tips to Know When Furnishing a Bedroom


When decorating a new house or trying to spruce up the home you have, the bedroom can be a difficult task. It’s the most private room in the house for you and potentially your significant other, and it needs to be perfect so you can truly relax in it.

For this reason, furnishing a bedroom can be a daunting task. It’s easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself to get things right.

While it is important the room ends up being something you love, keeping these key tips in mind can make it an easier task and make the end result amazing.

1.Less Is More

It can be tempting to try and cram a lot into a bedroom, but a cluttered room means a cluttered mind. If you try and put too much furniture in there or too much artwork on the walls, it can end up looking far too busy.

This might mean having to make some sacrifices if you have a long list of things you love and not enough space, but the end result will be worth it. It’ll look clean and minimalist — which is in style!

2. Measure Everything

When it comes to buying bedroom furniture, measure the space you’re going to put it in and line it up with the furniture before you buy. You might think you can roughly guess where the furniture for a bedroom is going to go and how it will fit, but guesstimating can be dangerous if you’re wrong!

Even if the furniture still fits in a space you didn’t measure, it might end up looking bulkier than you thought.

3. Keep Storage in Mind

You want to make sure your bedroom has plenty of storage. Some bedrooms have built-in storage, such as a walk-in closet, and others have none at all.

This means it’s important to weigh up how much you have vs. how much storage you need — and always leave room for more. You might end up acquiring more things down the line, after all.

4. Vary the Lighting

When it comes to how to decorate a bedroom, lighting is key. Most bedrooms have a ceiling light, but you’re going to want to make sure that you have other options for when that light’s a little too glaring.

Lamps are a good option, whether it’s floor or wall. Having a couple on either side of the room means you can vary the lighting pretty well.

Some people also opt for string lights above the bed. Although this wouldn’t provide a great source of light for reading or anything that requires good vision, it can be aesthetically pleasing and even romantic!

5. Pick a Theme

Picking a theme for your bedroom might sound too challenging and limiting but in reality, it will keep you focused. The theme doesn’t have to be particularly intricate! Even a color scheme works for some great styles.

By having that theme in mind when picking out bedroom decorations and furniture, everything should automatically match. There’s nothing worse than pulling together an entire room only to realize that some things look out of place.

Go all out with an intense fantasy theme, or simply pick a color scheme such as black and white.

6. Be Ready for Change

It’s important to be ready for change when it comes to furnishing a bedroom. That bed might be big enough now if you live alone, but what if a romantic partner moves in? What if you get a pet and have to make some changes to accommodate them, such as room for a dog bed on the floor?

Not everyone can predict what’s going to happen in their life, but it’s essential to think ahead a little. If you know you plan for one of these things to happen, set it up now so there’s room for it.

Otherwise, try to leave some room and leave things a little open-ended. That doesn’t mean your bedroom has to stay incomplete — just that you’re open to change and compromise!

7. Try to Avoid Cramming In Things That Don’t Belong

If it doesn’t belong in the bedroom, try not to put it there!

Some people will put gym equipment and home-office essentials in their bedroom for lack of another place to put it. Although this might be impossible, depending on the size of your home, you should try to limit the things in the bedroom that don’t involve sleeping!

Having too much going on in the bedroom can make your mind too busy and actually affect your sleep.

8. Have Various Blanket Options

As the seasons change, so does the temperature. Try to have various sleep cover options, even if they’re stored in a closet rather than on the bed.

A thick comforter might be perfect for winter, but it’s surely going to be too much for summer! Have some thinner and thicker covers available so you can stay cosy or cool, depending on the situation.

9. Be True to Your Style

Ultimately, it’s important not to stray too far from what you love. Although you may want to try something new, give it an element of your style, because you know you love it.

If you’ve put a lot of yourself into buying bedroom furniture and decorations, then you can’t go too far wrong.

Furnishing a Bedroom Is Hard Work, but Worth in the End!

Furnishing a bedroom can seem like a daunting task since many would argue it’s the most important room in the house. However, if you go in with a clear eye and the knowledge of how to come out with an awesome result, your bedroom will look great in the end. Stick to your style, have a theme in mind, and try not to cram too much in!

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