Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at How to Make the Most of Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

According to Mark Roemer Oakland, a well-planned kitchen remodel allows you to avoid costly mistakes and maximize the functionality of the space. It’s an expensive undertaking that can prove to be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. However, a good kitchen remodel is well worth the investment.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to make the most of your kitchen remodel:

  1. Add a kitchen island – A kitchen island is a must in a modern kitchen since it offers so many advantages. It not only looks good but also allows the space to look more open and functional. The countertops and slabs are always helpful for laying down cooked items, but you can also use them as a workstation which is close to open shelves that house all the essential items that you require in a kitchen such as a cheese grater, butcher block, chopping boards, and more.

You can arrange for seating around the kitchen table to utilize the space around it more effectively. And, if you change the floor plan and open up the walls, you can overlook the dining area or the living room from your kitchen which would allow you to stay connected and converse with your family even while cooking delicious meals.

  1. Install advanced stainless steel appliances – Stainless steel appliances are durable, have great tensile strength, look sleek, and are hygienic. Thus, they are ideal for the kitchen environment. Traditional kitchen appliances such as steel grates, wood-burners, and other appliances made with wood and iron are certainly usable, but they are not reliable in the long term.

Modern stainless steel appliances have improved designs, can withstand extreme heat and cold, look hardy and sleek. Plus, they can be cleaned more easily and don’t require as much scrubbing to get rid of stains and residue.

  1. Choose durable countertops – Most people shy away from spending too much money on kitchen countertops and settle with granite or marble countertops. However, it is crucial to choose kitchen countertops of good quality since they undergo rigorous activity every day. Bad quality countertops are susceptible to breaking under pressure, cracking, or chipping from long-term use.

Quartz countertops are the ideal solution since unlike granite or marble countertops, they are resistant to infestation due to not being porous. Plus, quartz countertops are much more durable and extremely tough.

  1. Pay attention to the design – A modern kitchen should look sleek and elegant. One of the best ways to achieve that effect is to install bold cabinets that feature laminate or glass doors or Mediterranean patterns. You can also install decorated or textured glass doors if you love art and want to create a serene and sophisticated ambiance.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you design the kitchen floor plan for optimum functionality but also remember to add personal touches to tailor the space to your needs. You can hang photo frames with pictures of family members and install pieces of furniture that hold great sentimental value to make the kitchen space more desirable and cozier.

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