Telltale signs that a buyer is just playing around with you


People usually have difficulties in trying to sell their properties; after all, real estate is really a buyer’s market rather than a seller’s haven. Making it more difficult is that if you are an individual buyer who wants to sell your property without any involvement with a real estate agent that acts as a middleman.

Telltale signs that a buyer is just playing around with you

As home selling involves a lot of money or shall we say a serious business, for sure you would not take any chances and where you would want the deal to be reached as soon as possible, you have to make sure you are only dealing with genuine buyers, because a lot of people are showing you some interest are just there to learn something from you about this industry and the latest trends in the real estate scene by wasting your time entertaining them and giving them all the vital information that you should have only done to a serious buyer.

So, how do you spot a person who is not serious when it comes to buying your property? In this article, let us discuss the telltale signs that a buyer is just playing around with you. This article is compiled by the Melbourne Buyers Agent & Advocate.

  • Avoiding questions

Genuine home buyers will answer you directly by sharing with you their personal information such as professional details that a seller like you should have the rights to know. You, as a seller it is your right to learn that you are also dealing with a genuine person. You can end the negotiations early if you think the buyer is hiding something from you.

  • Cannot come in on time during schedules

Majority of home buyers, purchasing a home is a lifelong investment, and they would not be late for site visits or even not replying or picking up calls if they really are interested in buying the property.

  • Delaying the processes

A lot of home buyers would be always in a hurry to take the chance of purchasing the house as soon as they can, but if a buyer is delaying the process of purchasing the house or the property by coming up with unnecessary excuses, then it is very certain that they are just there to enhance their knowledge about the real estate sector.

  • Money concerns

Some of the buyers would totally come to you because they badly want to purchase your property, they want to invest in your property in short. They will always repeatedly tell you that they love your property, but, there are some buyers who do not have the funds to reach a deal in purchasing the property. They will give you a good excuse that they might badly want the property, but they are short in funds which do not meet the market price of your property and they are forced to look for another property.

  • They act too pricey

They might be your potential clients and a buyer of your property, but still, the property belongs to you yet. A buyer who acts too pricey and sets too many rules about reaching a deal should be put off, and tell them straight to their faces that they are looking for other clients except them.

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